Lost is back


Just incase you didn’t realize it, the third season of Lost starts back up again tonight. I really don’t like this whole splitting of the season thing they’re doing now. Hopefully this trend won’t last.

Just prior to tonight’s episode, ABC is showing, Lost Survivor Guide. It’s a recap of everything that’s happened so far… which is good, because I’ve all but forgotten where we’re at in the story.

Here in San Francisco, the Survivor Guide starts at 9:00pm (RCN cable channel 7), followed by the new episode of Lost at 10:00pm.

UPDATE: So… who watched the Lost Survivor Guide? Notice anyone missing? They didn’t show Michael or Walt at all. They made a couple of buried references to them, but didn’t actually show any scenes with them in it. What’s up with that? The last time we saw them they were speeding off in a boat given to them by the others. They could still bring them back at any time, but even if they don’t, why were they totally cut out of the recap? After all, they were a pretty big component of previous story lines. That’s just odd.

4 thoughts on “Lost is back”

  1. you know, as compared to the first 6 episodes of this season, i thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I applaud the return of the lost i remember =)

    and that’s interesting about Walt and Michael, I didn’t even think about that.

  2. Ah ha, you’re right. I didn’t see Libby or Ana Lucia either. Maybe it was just to avoid confusion. You didn’t miss much on the recap, it was kind of lame.

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