An Inconvenient Truth on DVD

An Inconvenient Truth

5 Stars

Just incase you forgot, An Inconvenient Truth is available on DVD today. I encourage everyone to go out and buy it, and watch it again, with friends. Try to introduce the movie to people you know who haven’t seen it. You could even buy extra copies and give them away, or donate them to your local schools.

from the AIT blog:

An Inconvenient Truth arrives on DVD November 21, 2006 from Paramount Home Entertainment.

“I’m excited about the documentary’s release on DVD,” said former Vice President Al Gore. “The DVD is a vital way for us to continue the conversation about global warming with even more Americans. As more and more people understand what’s at stake, they become a part of the solution, and share both in the challenges and opportunities presented by the climate crisis.”

The DVD will be packaged with no excess materials, so as to make the smallest environmental footprint possible. Packaging will include 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, inks and coatings formulated to emit virtually no volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, no inserts, no laminates and no plastic. The package was manufactured by Ivy Hill. The back of the DVD package will direct teachers to where a free downloadable educational guide will be available.

An Inconvenient Truth is presented in Widescreen with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround and English 2.0 Surround and English, French and Spanish subtitles. The DVD includes the following special features:

  • An Update from Al Gore—an extensive new interview focusing on specific points of urgency
  • Audio commentary by director Davis Guggenheim
  • Audio commentary by producers Lawrence Bender, Scott Burns, Laurie David and Lesley Chilcott

2 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Truth on DVD”

  1. I know it is important to bring to the public such issues, but the real data is like 20 minutes of this movie, the rest is pure Gore´s campaign. It should open the eyes of everyone but the film must be seen critically.

  2. Gore’s campaign for what? He was not running for office when this was released nor is he now. I personally wish the entire film had been his lecture, its both gripping and fascinating. The rest gives us a taste of Gore the man, and I think its just as valid as the rest. To each his own.

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