Half Price on Keyword Manager, for iPhoto

Keyword Manager

Apple’s iPhoto has a handy feature called keywords, for making your photos easier to find later. They’re basically tags that you apply to your photos to make them searchable through iPhoto’s search function.

Unfortunately, Apple did a pretty poor job at implementing this feature. It’s very clumsy to use. But, lucky for us, Bullstorm software has picked up the ball, that Apple dropped, and made Keyword Manager. It’s an awesome plugin for iPhoto that makes assigning and managing keywords a whole lot easier. I just started using it, and so far I am extremely happy with it.

Normally, Keyword Manager is $19 (USD), but today only over at Maczot, you can get it for $9.50 (USD). I personally think it’s well worth the price.

If you want some help managing and assigning keywords, but you just don’t want to fork out the cash, you can always try Keyword Assistant… it’s free!

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