Spell checker in Safari

Safari Spell Checker

I don’t know why I never noticed this before, but Safari has a built in spell checker. This come in extremely handy if you comment on a lot of blogs, or fill out a lot of online forms.

When I comment on blogs, I was spell checking the stupid way… I would write my comment in TextEdit, and then copy/paste into the comment form. Finding this just totally streamlined my commenting process. I don’t know why this option isn’t turned on by default.

tip: you must have your cursor in a text field on a page (or in the address field) to access the spelling menu items. If it’s not, those items are grayed out.

found via Electric Spork

5 thoughts on “Spell checker in Safari”

  1. Awesome, thanks for linking to this. :D

    Yes, the spell check is system wide, but for some reason it’s not turned on by default in Safari.

    Also, Paul, you typed “filed” instead of “field”.

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