Resize web forms on the fly

Resize for fields

How many times have you been filling out a form online, and the text field just isn’t big enough to see or edit what you’ve already written? Fortunately, Cameron Adams has come up with this cool Form TextResizer Bookmarklet. It allows you to simply drag the corner of those text fields to resize them, in real time. It’s a very handy little tool.

Cameron has also set up a demo form for you to check it out.

tip #1: When you activate the bookmarklet, and then hover over the form field you want to resize, your cursor will change to an arrow indicating you are in the proper location to click and drag.

tip #2: In order to use the bookmarklet, you need to save it to your bookmarks. Cameron’s site says, “Right-click here and ‘Bookmark’ FormTextResizer”. That command isn’t available in Safari, so instead of right-clicking, simply grab the link and drag it to your bookmarks bar.

found via Shaun Inman

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