odl on the move

My host, Media Temple, has made some big changes to their hosting plans. They have dropped shared hosting all-together, and replaced it with something they call Grid-Server. All-in-all it looks like a better service, but it does require me to do some setup to move the site. I’ll be initiating the move today. The site may, or may not go down during this process.

I’ll be writing more about the move, and the new service as soon as the transition is complete.

6 thoughts on “odl on the move”

  1. I’ll let you go first, Paul. I have to do the same thing for the several sites I have hosted at mediatemple. I hope it’s painless enough (for you and me).

  2. Good luck with the move. It should be pretty seamless. Currently I’m hosted at bluehost and dreamhost, but moving into next year, I will probably switch to the MT grid style, depending on how it is received in the community. Thus, I eagerly await your review!

  3. It seems like every time a site I visit goes down, a brief “mediatemple/dreamhost has done blah, blah, blah.”

    It’s always those two hosting companies. Considering they charge a LOT more than most other companies and have nothing unique to offer over most all other hosting companies AND they have a horrible track record of being down, making changes without telling anyone, etc., I wonder why so many people use them?

    Is their customer service really that great? Because their price and features certainly aren’t.

  4. Guess what, I just switched to MT days ago. Been using PowWeb for over a year and wasn’t happy at all. Although, I’m going to pay double compares to PowWeb, but reliable and fast are the keys here.

  5. Paul,

    I just moved my site over to the Grid, and it really is worth every pound (or dollar over there)! And in response to Jim- Media Temple really are worth it, especially if your site is critical to what you do, or even if you just care about it.

    PS – Moving to the Grid doesn’t take your site down for a single second, they keep it live every step of the process. (mt) pride themselves on 100% uptime :-D

    Cheers, Rich

  6. My migration was complete last night. It went off almost without a hitch, but I did have a couple of problems. I’ll be writing up the entire process tomorrow.

    The site was down for a big part of today, although it wasn’t a direct result of the migration, it was a bug in the mt grid hardware… they were applying firmware updates this afternoon. I’ll be writing about that too.

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