New .Mac webmail is live

.Mac Webmail

You may remember Apple gave us a sneak peak at the new .Mac webmail a couple of weeks ago… well, it just went live a few minutes ago. If you have a .Mac account you should be able to login online to see the changes.

I’ve only just started playing with it, but it does look like it has some really nice new features. It includes a revamped version of the online address book too.

.Mac mail Quick Reply

UPDATE: The new compose window is awesome! It works just like Mail’s compose window… you can start typing in the name and options are presented from your address book in a drop-down. The spellchecker is great too. One of the really nice new features is the “Quick Reply”… it’s a small button to the right of each email that brings up a quick text dialog for replying without loading any new pages. The button is hidden until you roll over it. Don’t forget to go into your prefs to turn on and off some of the new features.

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