Lost Starts Tonight


Just a reminder to all you Lost fans out there… Season 3 starts tonight. Here in San Francisco it starts at 9:00pm on ABC channel 7. Check your local listings.

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UPDATE (10.05.06):

I watched the premier. I thought it was good, especially that opening scene.

If you missed it, it’s available on iTunes, or you can watch it for free on ABC’s site.

For seasons 1 and 2, we watched them from iTunes, after the season was over. We liked doing it that way so we could watch blocks of 3-4 episodes at a time. This will be my first time watching them “live”, week-by-week, and I just learned that they are doing something odd with the schedule.

Normally, you would have re-runs play throughout the season, because they don’t actually make enough episodes to fill the season. Instead of doing it that way, ABC is splitting season 3 into two blocks. Starting last night, they will play 6 new episodes, on Wednesdays, ending on 11.08.06. Then they will take Lost off the air, and put another show on in its place. They’ll pick the season back up in February, 2007, and play the remaining 17 new episodes.

Have they done this in the past? That just seems weird!

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  1. Alas, my options are more limited. I gave up my broadband at home, and we’re prohibited from downloading torrents at work (even after hours). So iTunes is fine by me.

  2. On the ABC.com site? Only for you guys in the States… connecting from Italy the page says: “Only viewers within the United States can watch these full-length episodes”. Same thing with apple music store free videos you mentioned in august: they are available only if you have an account to the United States music store: no way if you have an account to the Italian one (an all other countries too, I suppose…). Here in Italy they’re currently airing season 2 on Sky (pay tv) and just ended season 1 on RAI (national tv). Bye…

  3. Sandro, to connect to the USA iTunes store there are 2 ways:
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  4. Yes the new LOST premiere was pretty good. They began this season as well with an eye which was the way they began the first season as well. It was also cool to hear the Official Lost Video Podcast where the two writers refer to the new “Hydra Station” and claim that this will be a season of answers.

    The reason for the breakdown of episodes is that a lot of people were upset that there were so many repeats indispersed with the regular show; it made people crazy. You would get maybe three shows, show a couple repeats then show three more while other shows were having longer runs.

    BSG does a similar thing in that they split their season in half and base on the production values of both of these shows, there is good reason for the wait (BSG new season also starts tonight).

    Just some random thoughts. When Jack kept asking who the name of the man was with her husband I kept expecting the girl to say “It’s….Ed.” I also liked when Sawyer called the inmate of the other cage “Chachi” the crack about the bears only taking two hours to figure out how to get food was also good fun. But of course raises the question: “where are the animals now?”

  5. He did mention the bears, but it can be argued whether it was Walt who conjured the polar bear from his comic book. And we have also seen a bird, a horse, and a shark. But yeah we have seen the animals, I just think there are probably more.

  6. Paul, they seem to take breaks with most TV shows in the states. I watch a lot of american shows (british TV is aweful right now) like lost, house, prison break, grey’s anatomy, desperate housewives, 24 and probably some others I’ve forgotten to add :) I’m not entirely sure why they all get breaks but I am under the impression that some have a break for the world series, christmas holiday and easter holiday (do you even have an easter holiday???).

    I probably wrong, but I definitely read about the break for the world series on imdb. I don’t know how you can put up with that. Once a season starts it shouldn’t stop and they shouldn’t resort to showing re-runs.

  7. You will notice the same “split” in season on NBC with E.R. They will not show repeats this season, they will simply show an entirely different show until the new season of E.R. starts again.

    The reason they do this is simple. They want to keep you interested in their channel. Most people have no interest in watching repeats. They want to keep you hooked with new shows constantly.

    At a recent media buying conference, we were told that this will be the new trend with all stations. You will see seasons broken up and not as many repeats. This is all for the advertising of course.

  8. I bet that with TiVo and similar devices, people are not missing their favorite shows as much, and not needing to catch a repeat. ‘Alias’ did this split-season conspicuously last year, with a long hiatus mid-season, (probably due to pregnancy), but also a shortened end-of season. I think they nixed 3 or 4 hours in their haste to wrap up the series (the last 7 hours are still in my PVR, unseen).

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