Are your running 10.4.8? Do you have a mouse with a scroll wheel? Try this… hold down the Control key and move your scroll wheel up and down. Cool, huh.

This trick also works on newer laptops that let you scroll by using 2 fingers on the trackpad.

You may be able to do this prior to 10.4.8, but I’m not sure how far back it goes back.

found via macdevcenter

4 thoughts on “Zooooooom”

  1. It’s been a feature of OS X’s Accessibility panel for quite some time, but the scrolling-style implementation is new in 10.4.8.

  2. Actually, it was available in 10.4.7 just as it is in 10.4.8 without going into Accessibility panel – at least it was with the MacPro and a wireless mighty mouse. I just happen to notice it right away when I got the machine just a week before 10.4.8 came out. When everyone started noticing it after the update, I hadn’t yet updated to 10.4.8 and was using it.

    Quite a nice feature.

  3. It also works on Windows XP (I’m at work). I’m using a Mighty Mouse I brought from home, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. Pretty cool feature, as a 12″ Powerbook user, I wish I knew about this sooner, as my 19″ widescreen display is currently being shipped!

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