New iPods / iTunes / Movie Downloads / iTV?

iPods and iTunes 7

Today special Apple event didn’t disappoint, at least not in my mind. The more realistic rumors came true. We have new model iPods across the board, including larger capacity full size iPods, a totally redesigned line of Nanos, and a super small new Shuffle. The new iPods also have upgraded batteries that last a bit longer.

There’s a new iPod Nano add for your viewing pleasure.

One awesome new feature is you can now sync your iPod with more than 1 computer! Yahoo! This has caused me a lot of headache when traveling. I’ve been waiting for this forever!

We also got iTunes 7.0, which I’ll be writing an entire post about. It has some really awesome new features that we’ve all been waiting for… can everyone say, browse by cover?

As expected, the iTunes Music Store is now simply the iTunes Store. They’ve dropped the word Music from the name. They’ve added full length movies and iPod games to the mix of things you can buy.

Video content bought through iTunes got a bump in resolution. All video will now be 640×480, instead of 320×240. I’m trying to find out some more info on this. I’m hoping this isn’t going to cause a problem playing the new videos on existing 5G iPods.

Also, in a very uncharacteristic move, Steve Jobs gave us a sneak peak at a new product, code named iTV. It’s a set top box that communicates wirelessly with your computer to stream videos and music to your TV. The device will be available in the first quarter of 2007, and will retail for $299 (USD).

Here’s a couple of very interesting quotes from the end of todays event:

“Apple’s in your den now, right?” said Jobs. “iTunes on a Mac or a PC. Apple’s in your living room with iTV, driving your big flat-screen TV. Apple’s in your car, with over 70 percent of the 2007 model cars offering iPod connectivity. And of course, Apple’s in your pocket, with iPods.”

“Den, living room, car, pocket. And i hope this gives you a little idea of where we’re going,” said Jobs. “Thanks for coming. and we’ll see you all soon.”

I haven’t been able to connect yet, but Apple is providing a webcast of todays event. You can also get some more specific information on Macworld’s live coverage.

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  1. Cool, thanks for testing. How did you get a ‘free video’? Never mind, I’m assuming you meant you downloaded one of the videos offered as free downloads. At first I was thinking you meant you were just picking out any video you wanted, and getting it for free.

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