7 thoughts on “What is a Failure?”

  1. Regardless of the reasons behind “googlebombing” good ol’ Gee Dubya, I think the fact that google is aware that this happens, but does little to prevent it raises a question as to how often this occurs. Could it not be safe to say that the pageranking system is unnecessarily skewed elsewhere?

  2. Chris,
    The point is that the pageranking system is open to attack, but unless “respected” sites do it, it isn’t going to much matter. Google has a bias towards higher ranked sites, so if you link to a site with a negative term, but no one links to you, then Google doesn’t weigh your links as much as if MSNBC had the same link.

    There are MANY ‘skewed’ results, but because it’s open for all to use (and skew), legitimate sites will rise to the top and others won’t. Since no one wants their site to be found when you search for ‘Failure’, there are no legitimate sites that are being pushed aside, so no harm is done.

  3. Interstingly enough, if you do a phrase search for “failure” in the Bush biography you will not find it. I believe Google is smart to leave this result. Regardless of your party affiliation it is important that we withhold our rights to freedom of speach. The Bush search result indirectly reflects the views of a number of Americans exercising their right to express their own message. It would be unconstitutional to deny them this right by removing the result.

  4. OMG………………… The responses here are HILARIOUS !!! C’mon people…I don’t care if U R republican or democrat or independent or whatever…The Bushie administration was a TOTAL FAILURE !!! Talk about a LOSER effect. Look where we were less than 7 years ago….Balanced budget ( this took both parties cooperation by the way ), inflation at one of the lowest points EVER, your investments at their HIGHEST points ever ( although this is just paper profit until U cash it in ) , We ( USA ) were looked upon as a Stable, Forgiving, Caring Nation. And NOW what ? Quit letting your parents, or party affiliation lead your brain, your heart….STEP UP and DO what is right. If U had any kind of an upbringing…U DEFINITELY know right from wrong. Stop the INSANITY ( as that bald lady says ). I don’t care what your political affiliation is….DO WHAT IS RIGHT IN YOUR OWN MIND….not someone elses.Thank you.

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