Save Big on Apple Certified iPods


Have you been thinking about buying an iPod? Why buy new when you can save big on Apple certified refurbished models?

Right now there are some great deals to be had. Apple’s certified refurbished iPods come with the exact same warranty as new ones, but they cost a whole lot less. A couple of weeks ago I bought a 4GB Nano. A new one will run you $249, but I bought mine for $169, with free shipping. It looks brand new, not a scratch on it, and I haven’t had a single problem. The only difference I can see between mine and a new one is mine came in a different box. I don’t know about you, but for me… the box isn’t worth paying another $80.

To check out the current offerings, just go to the online Apple store, and then click on the red tag (right side of the page, near the bottom). If you want to help support this site, use my link below. I’ll get a small commission for sending you.

Link: Apple Store

4 thoughts on “Save Big on Apple Certified iPods”

  1. I picked up two 30GB iPod videos, one black, one white, to replace my 30GB iPod photo, and my girlfriend’s 4GB iPod mini, and we’re quite happy.

    They arrive in a brown box, but beyond that, they appear brand spanking new. There’s zero scratches, dings or anything on the iPods themselves.

  2. Bought the refurb as well last week. It was a great deal. I was afraid of scratches on the front (which was going to happen anyway) but saw that it came in clean. Not really worth paying full-price when you know in 6 months they are going to be obsolete anyway.

  3. Awesome! I placed my order. Couldn’t resist getting a 30GB virtually-new video iPod for the same price as a 2GB iPod nano.

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