Is Zune the iPod Killer?


You may have heard that Microsoft has officially confirmed they are working on a new “iPod Killer”, called Zune. The devise is expected to roll out by Christmas.

Personal media players will come and go, and someday the iPod will probably be dethroned as the top player. Let’s face it, nothing stays on top forever. What has me worried in this instance, is not the device itself, but Microsoft’s rumored plan of using it’s significant financial might to temp people over to the Zune. It’s been rumored that when you buy a Zune, it will scan your music library, and determine everything you’ve bought from iTunes, and then give that music to you for free in Microsoft’s format. Microsoft is willing (and able) to eat millions of dollars in licensing fees to entice you to switch… and it may work in many cases.

Engadget has full coverage of Zune rumors to date.

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  1. Ha kill iPod??No,it is alredy dead there are lots of media players that are much more functional tha iPod.But iPod has its own style and maybe thats why iPod is so popular??

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