Million Dollar Homepage Building?

Building ad space

Remember the million dollar homepage? The Sandberg Institute, in Amsterdam, has taken the same concept and applied it to a physical space. They are selling tiles on the exterior of a building. The tiles are sold to artists, for 10 euros per, or advertisers for 20 euros per. So far they have some pretty big names who have bought tiles, including 3 of my favorite companies… Apple, Adobe, and Google.

Found via Productdose

3 thoughts on “Million Dollar <s>Homepage</s> Building?”

  1. I am pretty sure this is just concept art of what they would like the building to look like. If the doctored look of the advertisements doesn’t tip you off, the pictures under “panoramic view and statistics” will.

  2. That’s 2 hours biking from my home! (That’s 50 minutes by car). I must take a look at it, don’t have seen it before… All the advertisers are big company’s, like Heineken, Nike, Albert Heijn (supermarket), Rabobank, Shell, McDonalds, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (dutch railways, blue-white logo at the left), Hema, Ola, and more, more, more…

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