3 thoughts on “GM Concept Car”

  1. wow! Give me one of those. I like the idea of changing the chassis out to a different model. This kind of reminds me of high quality rc cars and how you build them from scratch and change the chassis around.

  2. This is unbelievable. Too bad it’s going to be 10-20 years (est) before they’re in production. This really is the future. Only downside I see is the hand controls. Americans won’t be too excited about having to learn how to drive again. Plus you’ll have a whole new crop of terrible drivers.

  3. Well it would be nice if you could go down to your local hydrogen mine and dig some hydrogen, but at the moment the only source of hydrogen is fossil fuels. It’s in principle possible to use fission or fusion powerplants, or indeed any souce of electricity to generate hydrogen, but then it makes it clear that all the hydrogen does is act as a mobile fuel source. In other words if you are using electricity to generate hydrogen, you might want to look real hard at battery solutions. In any case I ready for fuel cells and batteries to duke it out once we solve the primary energy problem — and that’s most likely going to be a nuclear fission & fusion solution to avoid the fossil generated global warming problems. For now, hybrids like the Prius are a nice step forward…

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