Free Kyle XY pilot on iTunes

Kyle XY on iTunes

ABC Family’s new TV show, Kyle XY, doesn’t start showing on TV until Monday (6/26), but you can download the pilot episode today, for FREE on iTunes. The free show will be available through Monday.

“Discover this summer’s biggest myster, Kyle XY. Download the new ABC Family Original Series, and experience and incredible story of a boy with no family, no past and no belly button. Found wandering naked and disoriented; Kyle is taken in by the Trager Family. To their surprise, he develops amazing abilities and astonishing intelligence. But more shocking are the secrets of his origins that even Kyle doesn’t understand. Who is KyleXY? Find out now.”

Link: Kyle XY on iTunes

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  1. Hi.I Love your bolg,I am your fan.I have a question. witch software can cheage safari tab icon to that style?plz reply thanks,,,,^^

  2. Thanks John, I’m glad you like my site. If you’re referring to the screenshot above, that’s not Safari, it’s iTunes.

  3. LOL,I thought that was new safari tab icon,I was searching it on google half hour.anyway thx for reply,I love you site,keep it going.^^

  4. wow… i haven’t seen the pilot yet… nor do i want to. i was in the pilot last year and in many of the episodes that they have filmed this year…. lets just say im not a fan.

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