Weekend Dissapointment


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember me talking about our dog, Emmitt. We lost Emmitt last year to cancer. We’ve always known that we would get another dog at some point, but it wasn’t until recently that we felt ready.

This past weekend we took the plunge and started looking. Things have changed a bit since the last time I adopted a dog (17 years ago). Everything is online now. We went down to our local SPCA knowing exactly what dogs they had, and which ones we wanted to look at.

We had picked out nine dogs that we wanted to meet. For a while it seemed like we were going to have trouble coming home with just one. But, in the end, we came home empty handed.

For one reason or another, we decided eight of the dogs were just not a good fit for us… but there was one that we instantly fell in love with. Her name was Honey. We so wanted to take Honey home with us, but the SPCA wouldn’t let us have her because we live in The City. Apparently Honey came from a more rural area, and she has some sensitivities to noise. They say she doesn’t do well on busy streets.

On one hand, I try to look at it like this is best for Honey. If she really would have problems with where we live, an not be happy, than that’s a bad thing. It wouldn’t be good for her, or us. On the other hand, I’m very disappointed. Honey is only 1.5 years old, and I think she would adapt.

I’m trying to be positive, and say that things worked out for the best. A dog is a lifetime commitment, and it’s no good for anyone if your dog isn’t a good match for you, or your lifestyle. We’re continuing our search.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Dissapointment”

  1. I really wish I could have a dog. I am a college student and I live in an apartment. I’m sad you didn’t get to take Honey home. It sucks that people who abuse animals make the rules more difficult for the rest of us sane people.

  2. I have to say that I’m glad you think of what’s best for the dog. I have four beagles at home and I wonder how in the world we got that many. While one of them is my baby, he’s getting old now and just likes to relax with me. My younger brother has full reign with the other three.

    While I find it disturbing that the people at the animal shelter would not let someone who took the time to research (I like the thought that they’re just not giving away animals here….but, if you take all that time and effort, looks to me like they’d realize you’d make a good owner) I still like the thought of them keeping tabs on the animals best interests.

    Hope you find your best mate out there soon!


  3. I love animals and have had a variety over the years from hamsters to snakes and birds along with the usual cats and dogs. I’ve loved just about all of them, especially the cats and dogs but one thing I won’t do… I WILL not put myself in the poor house by spending thousands of dollars on vet bills. I grew up in the country and if a pet became ill we nursed it, if it died, it was it’s time. If a pet became lame it was up to the pet to learn to get around or not. My family couldn’t afford to pay some vet to diagnose a dog with cancer and charge for treatments and such… I’ve loved my pets but they’re pets.

    If you have the disposable income to put towards things like that… more power to ‘ya. I’ve known people that have taken out loans, even a second mortgage just to pay for a pet’s vet bills. I’ve seen people go from living comfortably to living paycheck to paycheck just to pay for vet bills. That’s just wrong no matter how you look at it.

    I am sorry for your loss…

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