Bowls made from Recycled Records

Recycled Record Bowls

I recently added Uncommon Goods to my list of affiliates. They’re an online shop that specializes in, well, uncommon goods. I was browsing their site to see what kinds of cool things they sell when I came across these bowls. They are made by New York Artist, Jeff Davis, and made from actual records.

Since I consider myself to be somewhat green, I think these kinds of things are pretty cool. They sell for $26, and you can choose the genre of your bowl… Rock & Roll, Showtunes, Crooner, Diva or R&B.

If you buy one of these bowls using my link below, you’ll not only be helping the environment by buying recycled products, you’ll also be supporting this site. I get a small commission for sending you to the store.

Links: Recycled Record Bowls | Other Recycled Goodies

Outlaw Cinema

Outlaw Cinema

I recently came across a band called Outlaw Cinema. I can’t tell you anything about them, because most of the sections on their site seem to be non-functional.

Their sound is what I would call classic 80’s alternative. They would be right at home in one of my favorite movies, Valley Girl. Even though most of their site doesn’t work, you can download their 2005 EP… for FREE!

I found this band through The Mac Cast. It’s run by a guy named Adam, and he discusses all things Macintosh. It’s one of my personal favorites. I highly recommend checking out the show if you’re into Mac PodCasts.

Make your own media browser with Automator

iPhoto Browser

Let’s say you have a picture in your iPhoto library that you want to email to someone. You could launch iPhoto, select your picture, and click the send button, which in turn will make a new email with the picture attached.

As easy as that is, there is an even easier way, if you’re running OS X 10.4 (Tiger). You could make your own media browser, just like the ones found in iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, etc… using Automator. It’s simple…

  1. Open Automator, and click iPhoto from the list on the far left.
  2. From the list of actions, select Ask for Photos, and drag it to the right-hand pane.
  3. Under the file pull-down menu, select Save As Plug-in, and select Script Menu for the location (the script menu that displays in the menu bar) so it is accessible anywhere. (If this menu is not visible, launch the AppleScript Utility in /Applications/Applescript, and check ‘Show Script Menu in menu bar.’)

Now accessing your pictures is a snap, without ever opening iPhoto. At any time you can go to the Scripts Menu in the menu bar, and select your new iPhoto Browser. You can in turn drag those images into emails, text documents, etc…

You can also do this with songs from iTunes. Simply repeat the procedure above, but instead of selecting iPhoto in Automator, select iTunes.

Found via Mac OSX Hints