We’re going to Hawaii!


We are gone on vacation… in Maui! In fact, at the moment this gets posted we’ll be on a plane. How did I post this from the plane, you may ask. Well, I didn’t. I actually wrote it last night, and date-stamped it not to show up until 8:40am Saturday.

WooHoo! I’m so excited to go to Hawaii! Neither of us have ever been. We’ll have a whole week there. We’ll be staying on the west (beach) side for 5 nights, and the east (rain forest) side for 2 nights. We are meeting some friends there, and have all kinds of fun things planned.

Luckily, this was all booked and paid for back in January, before I had my tax trouble in April. Otherwise, we would probably be spending this week here at home.

We’ll have internet access for at least the first 5 days, so I’ll probably be logging in from time to time, but if no new posts appear… that means I’m having a beer or three at the beach, and I can’t make it back to my computer.

Now you know why I’ve been looking at new earphones and waterproof iPod cases ;)

9 thoughts on “We’re going to Hawaii!”

  1. Oh, only you could keep something like this a secret from the “bloggosphere”… (web 1,4 experssion, I know) =)

    I could have wished you a nice vacation, but who are we kidding; it’s Hawaii.. Of course you’re going to have a nice vacation! Have fun, and do everything I wouldn’t do!

  2. If you’re on the west side of Maui, more than likely you’ll be stopping in Lahaina to do some shopping/eating. Be sure to grab a Cheeseburger in Paradise.

    And if you’re staying on Kaanapali Beach, go snorkeling at Blackrock.

    Have fun!

  3. My sister lives on Oahu, and it’s beautiful there. That’s great you guys got to travel there, it’s such a wonderful experience. I remember haggling with a street merchant near Waikiki for a ring. She wanted $40, I talked her down to $8.


  4. That’s great! Enjoy your vacation and it will be somewhat selfish of you if you fail to bring back photos to share with everyone…lol. Have fun!

  5. That’s awesome Paul. Looking forward to tons of great pictures when you get back. You’ll have to set up or publicize a flickr account so we can check it out.

    My best friends are going to Hawaii on their honeymoon in 2 weeks. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  6. Aloooooooha! Weather-wise, you have picked a grand time to be here. Not too hot yet, and not the 43 days of rain we had back in March. Enjoy!!

  7. Dude, straight up, you have to go to Napili Bay and “ride” the water. The beach has a heavy up slope. So the waves come in and they will gently push you up the beach. It’s SOOOO nice and relaxing. Knowing beach dynamics, it could be completely different now, but it is worth a look because my wife and I seriously spent all of our time there on our honeymoon in 2004.

  8. oh how i wish it was me on that trip! wishful thinking aside, i have a friend who has two apartments he rents out in maui. one at a condo, the other one at a golf villa. i know u probably have your accommodations all set by now but it might be worth checking it’s locations for a any future visits. and make sure you check his maui recommendations about what things not to miss. for now, aloha and have a enjoy your trip. repeat after me, “i CAN detach myself from my laptop just for a few days” and “i can live without mac blogs while in maui”

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