The DryPod: Waterproof iPod Case

The DryPod

Back when I had my iPod Photo, I had a great case called a LiliPod, that was good for going to the beach. It prevented water and sand from getting in my iPod.

When I bought my new 5G (video) iPod, I couldn’t use the LiliPod anymore because the plugs were in the wrong place. I have a vacation coming up where I could use a waterproof case so I went to see if they ever came out with a 5G version. They haven’t, but I’m actually kind of glad they didn’t because I found something better, the DryPod.

The DryPod provides the protection, but unlike the LiliPod, you can actually use the controls while the iPod is in the case. They make one for 4G and 5G models, with a version for the Nano coming in late May.

The DryPod is $44.95 from the manufacturer, but this site sells it for $39.99.

It’s worth checking out the DryPod if you’re in the market for a waterproof case. I’ll include links to other cases I found to help you compare.

Links: DryPod, Otter Box, H2O Audio, Aquapac Universal Case

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  1. Love this product .. now I can take my tunes to the beach and not worry about salt water and SAND …. plus the case protects my iPod no matter where I drag it …. Got mine from They shipped it to me the same day I ordered and they got it to me before my trip WTG !!

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