4 thoughts on “MacBook: Easy Upgrades”

  1. Interesting video. The levers for the RAM upgrades are clever. Sidebar… On this version of the video, Jason says “Inside the battery bay of the MacBook Pro.” The video has been updated on Macworld.com to say “Inside the battery bay of the MacBook.”

  2. HOly sh** that hard drive can’t be thaaaat easy can it? That’s insanely great haha, ya I like that hard drive upgradeability…must make BTO’s easy to do.

  3. Does this mean you could have multiple drives for different things, granted you would need OS X on each drive, that still could come in handy.

  4. I was confused about the metal casing on the HD and if you needed a new one if you upgraded the drive, so I emailed Jason and got this response:

    “You remove the casing from the old and add it to your new one — it’s basically a removable housing.”

    So now I’m excited to replace the HD :). – I should have my MacBook on Saturday/Sunday.

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