Are you buying a MacBook?


Are you planning on buying one of those spiffy new MacBooks from the online Apple Store? If so, do me a favor, and either use this link, or the link to the Apple Store in my sidebar on the homepage. I’m an Apple affiliate, so I get a little commission for referring people to the store. You’ll get your new MacBook, and help support this site, all in one little click.

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out the sidebar in a while, have a look. There are quite a few stores listed there now. Use any of those links when you shop, and you’ll be helping to support this site. ~Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Are you buying a MacBook?”

  1. Oh, I wished I’d known about that a couple weeks ago, I just bought a Mac Mini. When I get a chance, I am buying one of those shirts, though.

    As for the MacBook… wow. I wasn’t in the market for a new laptop because I needed something to replace my aging desktop, but I’m definitely jealous of the new MacBooks. The nice thing about these kinds of things is that if you start saving now, by the time you can afford one, they put out a model that’s about 1000 times better for the same price. I’ve used that methodology to my advantage several times.

  2. Nope, I won’t be buying one just yet. I’m still happy with my iBook… it’s a good travel computer. I have my PowerMac for all my production work. But I do like the black, even though I’m pissed about the price bump.

  3. I love my iBook a lot too, but like a kid in a toy store, can’t keep my hands off the good stuff. So, I went ahead and placed my order for a new black Macbook this afternoon. I would have gladly bought through your link and supported your site, but my student discount says it all.

  4. I’m mad about the price hike for the black, but I asked the woman at the store today why and she gave me this response:

    “People have been demanding black so they figured that they’d pay the extra for them. Plus you get 20gb more hardrive space.”

  5. Ya, the bump from a 60GB drive to an 80GB drive is a $50 upgrade (through Apple). The other $150 is just because they know people will pay it… I like the black, so I would probably pay it… damn them.

  6. I think I’m gonna get a white 2ghz, mainly because I don’t need the extra 20gb (I have a 160gb external), and a Superdrive isn’t THAT important, I can always buy an external.

  7. I probably won’t be splashing out on a MacBook any time soon; but an iMac, or (oh, c’mon Apple; just make it) something like an Intel PowerMac will be on my ToDo-list, so if I buy it online, I might go through you..!

    (Yeah, there’s a might in there, unfortunately – as I’m also a student… But we’ll see! Thanks for the heads up, anyways!)

  8. I love the idea that Apple has decided on one again launching a Black laptop. It would have been better if the color would have gone to the MacBook Pro because quite frankly, I’m not a fan of the iBook at all.

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