iWeb 1.1 adds comments and search to blogs

iLife 06

The news is out all over the web, but if you haven’t already heard, Apple has released updates to all of the iLife ’06 applications. There are bug fixes and enhancements for all the apps, but the biggest new feature is in iWeb.

The biggest complaint about blogs (and Podcasts) created with iWeb has been the lack of commenting ability… unless you used something like iComment. Well, iWeb blogs now have comments, and a search function. I knew it was only a matter of time. Of course, there is one catch… you have to publish you iWeb blog to .Mac to take advantage of the new features.

All the updates are available via Software Update.

UPDATE: TUAW has a write-up about the new comments feature that’s worth a look. Also, if you’re interested in having multiple sites in iWeb (previously unavailable), Apple has added limited support, and MacWorld has a write-up on using a third party app called iWebSites.

UPDATE #2: Apple has posted a bunch of video tutorials on using iWeb. They cover the changes in iWeb 1.1.

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