Will running Windows on Macs bring switchers?

MacBook Pro running Windows

Everyone knows by now that the ability to dual-boot Mac OS X and Windows will be built into the next major version of OS X, 10.5. And, that you can do it now through Beta versions of Bootcamp and Parallels.

The real question is, will this really entice PC users to switch over to the Mac? If my friends are any indication, the answer is yes!

I have two friends, both PC users (I don’t hold that against them), that are seriously looking at buying Macs now. Ironically, they both work at Intel. They need Windows for certain applications, and to be totally compatible with work, but they both recognize the superior quality and design of the Mac. Hopefully, this is an indication that running Windows on Macs will indeed bring lots of people into the light… and soon after buying a Mac they’ll give up Windows all together.

4 thoughts on “Will running Windows on Macs bring switchers?”

  1. I don’t know if the Intel change is why they switched, but Gabe and Tycho over at http://www.penny-arcade.com just bought Macs not long ago. So, there’s two.

    As for me, I have to be honest, I’m only slightly interested in running Windows on my Mac, but I would LOVE to run OS X on a PC. I can put together a pretty serious machine for the price of a Mini that would put the Mini to shame.

    Bottom line, I have no use for Windows, but I can’t live without OS X.

  2. My father in law is an architect whose draftsman has to go back to Korea for a couple of months. They use high end drafting software and a universal binary of the software hasn’t come out yet. They have an iMac G5 in the office, so naturally he’d like to set his draftsman up with a Mac to work with while he is in Korea.

    Since the drafting software comes with Windows AND Mac versions on the install disk, I’m talking him into getting his draftsman a 17″ Macbook Pro and I’ll set it up with Boot Camp so he can run the drafting software from the Windows side and still have a Mac that will blaze when the Universal Binary version of the drafting software comes out. A tad risky, but I think it future-proofs the investment in the laptop.

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