Great New Apple Ads

New Apple Ads

There were rumors flying around earlier today about some new Apple ads spotted in the wild. I looked on the Apple site before I left for dinner and didn’t see anything. When I got back I had an email from ODL Reader, Maximilian. He let me know that Apple has posted them to the site. Thanks Maximilian!

The ads star John Hodgman and Justin Long, as a PC and a Mac that have some funny little conversations. They’re really good. I’m not sure which one I like best.

Link: New Apple Ads

5 thoughts on “Great New Apple Ads”

  1. I really enjoyed those adverts. I’m not sure which one I liked best but I think they could have made the “Restarting” one better.

  2. I’ve seen the one about viruses and the one about mp3 players on television. Love when the PC guy is sneezing and says he thinks he’s “gonna go crash” – classic.

    Justin Long has a state-the-obvious matter-of-fact hilarity about him. Perfect casting.

  3. Yeah, i found them very amusing…my fave ones were the one with the Japanese woman as the digital camera and the one about the apps…from what you can read from my post, it’s a silly idea to type when you’re really tired!

  4. I’ve been working on my own version of the latest Mac ads for a school project. Think different, think beyond… On my rough draft I have made a drawing of the Mac and Pc characters. The Pc has a light bulb over his head and the Mac has a big and bright apple over his. If someone reads this and wants to use it for the company ads or maybe as inspiration for something even better then go ahead. I’m happy with my project and I just want to say thanks for the matereal for my school work. MSMN

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