Safari to iPhoto in 1 click

1-click add to iPhoto

I tend to collect a fair amount of images found on the web. I’ve found that the best way (for me) to keep track of these found images is by organizing them in iPhoto, part of Apple’s iLife suite. And, there is a great little time-saver built right into Safari.

If you right-click (or control-click) on an image in Safari, you can select “Add Image to iPhoto Library”. iPhoto will launch, and import the photo. It’s little features like this that keep me using Safari, rather than switching to Camino, or Firefox.

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2 thoughts on “Safari to iPhoto in 1 click”

  1. And if you ctrl+option+click, you can “Save Image As…” and select exactly where on your HD to store the image. I find this much easier than launching iPhoto everytime I want to save an image. This used to be a default “ctrl-click” option in Safari 1.0, and it took me a long (extremely frustrated) time learn about the “ctrl+option+click” trick.

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