How quickly Apple changes their tune

Intel Mac Mini

On February 27th, the product page for the G4 Mac Mini, on the Apple site said this…

…”Go ahead, just try to play Halo on a budget PC. Most say they’re good for 2D games only. That’s because an “integrated Intel graphics” chip steals power from the CPU and siphons off memory from system-level RAM. You’d have to buy an extra card to get the graphics performance of Mac mini, and some cheaper PCs don’t even have an open slot to let you add one.

On February 28th, Apple announces the new Intel Core Solo / Duo line of Mac Minis, but they neglect to mention that they now feature integrated Intel graphics chips. The new specs page refrains from using the word “integrated”. It should also be noted that in addition to “Cheaper PCs”, the Mac Mini also does not have an open slot to let you add a graphics card.

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  1. Finally someone points that out! I’ve been thinking the same thing since I saw the specs on the new Intel Mac mini. Sure, its the low end mac…though $100 more expensive now, but still, I’d rather have an ATI chip in there.

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