Apple ‘Special Event’… NOT so special

Apple Special Event: February 28th, 2006

Today’s ‘Special Event’, hosted by Apple, has come and gone… and I must say, I for one am pretty disappointed.

The rumors, like always, were all over the place… building expectations so high that Apple couldn’t help but disappoint. That being said, today’s announcements were so small, I don’t think they really even should have had an event at all… The products, for the most part, just aren’t all that impressive.

They made three announcements today… a new Intel-based Mac mini, with Front Row and a remote ($599-$799). An overpriced leather case for the iPod ($99), and an Apple ‘Boom Box’, called the iPod Hi-Fi ($349).

The Hi-Fi looks cool, and is supposed to sound great, but I think $349 is a bit steep. I’m also a little surprised at the price tag for the Mac Mini… part of Apple’s advertising pitch was the mini was under $500… they can’t say that anymore.

Sorry Apple… I think you blew it this time. These products should have been announced a little more quietly. You know we would have spread the word for you, if you had just put them on the site without a lot of hoopla. Having an event like this just served to disappoint people.

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3 thoughts on “Apple ‘Special Event’… NOT so special”

  1. I couldn’t agree more – I told myself before the event that I would most likely be disapointed simply because anymore these events have not lived up to the hype. The iPod leather case for $99 is just silly. I know Apple is probably looking for a piece of the accessory pie – but that is way too much.

    The boombox. First of all, I think it is ugly. Secondly, I think it is overpriced. Thirdly, I don’t think it is really for “audiofiles” at all. Audiofiles want good sound certainly but they also want flexibility. That is why audiofiles buy component systems – receiver, amp, speakers, etc. This is not an audiofile product it is a “pseudu-audiofile” product. Just like the Bose sound dock. No audiofile would buy bose, but those who want to appear tech-savvy and audiofile”ish” would buy – same goes with this.

    Thirdly – the new mini – this is where I was prepared to be excited. Wrong – first they upped the price. Then they put in a crappy graphic’s card. Then they left out the PVR / DVR. Then they tried to pass this off as a media machine because they added a digital input (good move) and added a new wireless media streaming solution – sorry but no sale here – this is simply weak, did I mention they raised the price?

    I was hoping, but not expecting a new vPod, I would have been excited about that – this was just weak.

  2. I’ve been reading posts around the internet all responding with very similar feedback, overall, I think Apple over estimated their hype machine today. With Apple’s accelerating popularity, presentations will undergo heavy scrutiny never scene in the past. There may be a required sea change with product releases.

    But, the thing that dissapointed me the most was the release of the Hi-fi device. Coming from the company who practically owns the word ‘innovation’, this product has none of the signs of understated genius that we’ve come to love. I have two criticisms that, to me at least, seemed like no brainers. Tell me if I’m wrong.

    1. No intergrated Wi-Fi for streaming iTunes (Airtunes?) Yes, it has a input jack, but how hard would it be to stuff a APEX in there. If I could stream anything directly to the hi-fi, bypassing the sneaker-net routine of the iPod, that would be 10 times more productive. A portable / wireless PA device for business presentations would’ve been nice.

    2. Portablility. Does putting handles on something make it portable? I’d be discouraged to take it anywhere with the iPod clinging to it’s hood. I certainly can’t rollerskate down the street with it or take it to a park or beach with direct sunlight or debris. It’s dependency on the iPod screen also limits viewing track information to a few feet. What’s so smart and different about this product that 3rd party vendors haven’t already addressed? Anyone can see this is a stretch.

    Well, thats my .02, kinda bummed for Apple, but everyone is entitled to a few bad days.

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