What if Microsoft was in charge of iPod packaging…

This one is making the rounds at other Mac and Design related sites, but I thought it was funny enough to repost here, just incase you missed it.

It’s a video about what the iPod packaging would have looked like, if Microsoft was in charge. It’s hilarious, especially if you’re a designer.

2 thoughts on “What if Microsoft was in charge of iPod packaging…”

  1. Okay, this one requires a comment. I hope this viddeo becomes one of those Internet classics that is passed from generation to generation of designers all over the world.

    The clearest distinction between what Apple design represents and the rest of the world.


  2. Apparently this came from Microsoft’s own design department, as part of an internal company presentation about the poor design packaging that was in use at the moment.

    At least they can poke fun at their own crappy-ness…

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