iLife ’06 Demo at Macworld Keynote

Macworld SF 2006, Keynote

Late last night I finally got a chance to watch the Macworld Keynote. I knew that iLife had some nice enhancements, but until I actually watched the demos in the keynote, I didn’t know how cool iLife ’06 actually is.

The photocasting and full-screen editing features in iPhoto, the Podcast studio in Garageband, and the motion titles in iMovie are all awesome! But what really grabbed my attention is iWeb. It’s amazing! As a web professional, I don’t actually need iWeb, but it’s incredible to see just how easy it is to build a nice wedsite or blog with iWeb.

I highly recommend checking out the Keynote, and watching the demos of the software. It’s really incredible the power Apple is giving people with just $79 worth of software.

If you haven’t already run out to your local Apple Store to buy iLife ’06, you can save a few bucks by buying it at Amazon. They currently have it for $70.99.

5 thoughts on “iLife ’06 Demo at Macworld Keynote”

  1. The iLife package is very interesting to me, and I am attracted to its blogging function. BUT — nowhere have I been able to find any information as to whether this blogging app allows for others to input comments on blogs created with iLife. Anyone know??

  2. Hi Mellie,

    I’ve just started playing with iWeb, so I can’t tell you too much about it yet. But, I can tell you there is no commenting system incorporated into iWeb blogs. It’s unfortunate, but I can undertand why Apple did it this way. Once you have comments, you have comment spam. Appple will need to build a way to combat comment spam. Since iWeb is only in version 1, it is really meant as an entry level blog / site creator for people who have never done this before. I’m betting with future versions of iWeb, and .Mac they will be implimenting a commenting system.

    I’ll be testing iWeb thouroughly and posting my review (hopefully this weekend), but so far I think it’s a very nice product for beginners, and a solid 1.0 release.

  3. I really like the look of the new refinements of iphoto and i really love the simplicity of iweb…if only it gave you the option to upload to other servers.

    I recently bought a mac mini, and just gotten used to workin with ilife 05, but i hope to be uprading to ilife 06 soon.

  4. iWeb won’t publish to servers other than .Mac directly, but it will publish to a folder on your drive, and you could in turn upload it to the server of your choice.

    I’ve tested this a little and it seems to work fine. The only thing I don’t think will work is the built in RSS functionality… that needs .Mac.

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