10.4.4 has new Widgets

10.4.4 Widgets

I just downloaded the 10.4.4 update. I was hoping it would fix some problems I’ve been having with .mac, as SyncServices is listed as one of the fixes. It didn’t help.

Anyway, I noticed that Apple has replaced 2 of the default Widgets… Address Book, and Calendar. I kind of like the new Calendar, but I’m not too happy with the new Address Book Widget. They took away one thing that I thought was a good feature. You no longer have a way to actually open your Address Book app from the widget… that’s just lame.

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  1. Have you seen what they did to iTunes? Check the Library view. They added in a bunch of links to the store, lists of Today’s Top Albums and New Releases. I really think that’s not cool. Anyone know how to turn that off? I can’t seem to find it…

  2. Ahh, thanks, Paul. I didn’t know what to call it. I kept looking through the Preferences thinking it would be called “Store Panel” or something… next to the “Party Shuffle” and “Videos” checkboxes on the “General” tab. Nothing made sense. I just really don’t think it belongs there to begin with. Leave that kind of stuff on the “Store” tab.

  3. you can also press the ‘show or hide the MiniStore’ button at the bottom right of the screen next to the equaliser.

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