Tomorrow’s Macworld Keynote

Apple Logo

The Steve Jobs Keynote at Macworld SF starts tomorrow morning at 9:00am. As usual, rumors are running rampant… everything from the long speculated about iPhone, to an Apple branded HDTV.

I’ll try to keep my speculation to a minimum this year. There’s no sense getting all worked-up over nothing. I do think it’s a safe bet there will be updates announced for iLife, iWork, and .Mac. I also think there will be some sort of BIG announcement, but I’m not certain what that will be.

Unfortunately, Apple is holding to recent tradition and not doing a live webcast of the Keynote, but I’m sure it will be available sometime tomorrow. I don’t have tickets to the Keynote, but I will be walking the exhibit floor this week playing with whatever it is they announce.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow…

UPDATE: TUAW has noticed that the Motorola ROKR (iTunes Phone) is mysteriously absent from the Cingular website. Coincidence? Or, is there really an iPhone on the way?

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