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macbook pro

My internet connection is a bit flakey this morning, but I have been able to get some news about the Macworld announcements.

The Intel Macs are here, at least some of them. Apple announced the new iMac, and in a surprising move, a new Powerbook, ummm… I mean MacBook Pro. I would have bet that the first laptop to be released would be the iBook, or MacBook as I assume it will be called. I didn’t expect them to start at the top. I guess AppleInsider was right.

As expected, Apple released updates to it’s popular iLife and iWork suites. iLife has some nice enhancements, including a new app called iWeb. But, iWork didn’t get the bump that I expected. I had assumed Apple would be adding a spreadsheet application to the next release, but iWork is still only made up of Pages and Keynote. That’s a little disappointing.

On the iPod front, Apple brought back the wired remote, and combined it with an FM receiver, so you can listen to the radio on your iPod. That’s a welcome addition. I’ll probably be picking one of those up.

I’m not too surprised we didn’t see the rumored iPhone, PDA, or HDTV. But, I am a little surprised that the Mighty Mouse still has that damn wire on it. I would have bet money Apple would be announcing a redesigned, Bluetooth, Mighty Mouse. I guess I’ll just have to continue using my Microsoft Mouse… Are you listening Apple?

I’ve been swamped today with my current project, but I hope to make it over to the exhibit floor tomorrow. I’ll post anything I come across of interest.

UPDATE: Apple has posted today’s keynote.

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