iCal repeating event bug

iCal - February

The other day I came across a little bug in Apple’s iCal application. I had a repeating event on the 29th of each month. I was scrolling through the months and I happened to notice that the event wasn’t listed in February (it only has 28 days). I would think that iCal would be smart enough to put the event on the 28th for February, but instead it just omits the event all together… and picks it back up in March. What the hell Apple? Didn’t anyone think of that?

Also, why can’t I set an event to repeat on the last day of each month? Entourage will do that.

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  1. iCal can be quirky, but I am sticking with it. The my current issue is the inability to link to-dos with events (create project workflows in other words).

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