Yes, it’s a video iPod

Apple iPod Video

Yes, it’s finally here… Today Apple introduced the first iPod capable of playing video… and it is a sweet little machine. The new iPod sports a 2.5″, 320×240 TFT display, and comes in 30GB ($299) and 60GB ($399) models. It is available in white or black, and there is an optional docking station ($39) and remote control ($29) for hooking up this media gem to your stereo, and TV.

The online Apple store states the 30GB model will ship in 24hrs and the 60GB model will ship in 5-7 days. In Apple speak, that really means both will be available next month, if you’re lucky. I have no doubt that demand will far outweigh supply.

With the update to the iPod, Apple has also introduced iTunes 6, in what has to be the fastest major number upgrade in history. Apple only released iTunes 5 about a month ago. iTunes 6 requires QuickTime 7.0.3 in order to access the new video content available through the iTunes music / video store. The installer prompts you to run software update to get QT 7.0.3, but when I tried it, it wasn’t available yet.

As mentioned above, the new ITMS now has video content, starting at just $1.99. You can buy music videos, along with some TV shows… like Lost and Desperate Housewives.

Apple has also posted the new iPod television ad, starring U2.

9 thoughts on “Yes, it’s a video iPod”

  1. I ordered a 30GB from the Apple Online Store (you know, for some work I’m doing) – and the first page said ‘ships in 24 hours’ next to the BUY NOW button. Once I paid and got a receipt, it said ‘5-7 days.’ I upgraded to FedEx overnight, but maybe it doesn’t matter! I have never bought direct from Apple before – do they always over-promise?

  2. Ya… for some work you’re doing. Come to think of it, I have a project coming up that would require a new iPod too ;)

    Unfortunately, Apple does tend to over-promise like that. I never really believe their time estimates.

    Congrats on the new iPod, I’m jealous!

  3. I’m sorry but I’ma break away from everybody and say that I personally hate the new video iPods. Who wants to watch TV Shows on a MUSIC PLAYER? Or video at all for that reason?

    I’m sorry but I’m not gonna rush out to the stores and “get mine” before everybody else, I’m perfectly happy with my nano and my (just replaced by Apple) 4g 20gb (non color) iPod :).

  4. “I personally hate the new video iPods.”

    wow! That’s a pretty strong statement. If you choose not to watch video on it, it’s basically just a thinner iPod with a bigger screen, and longer battery life. What’s to hate about that?

  5. im gonna wait for my 4th gen pod to ofically die, then upgrade to the videoPod.

    Same here, and considering I just got a brand new replacement unit, it’ll be a while :D.

    Paul: I shouldn’t have used “hate” I’ll change that to “strongly dislike”.

  6. Larry, I just thought you said you did not want a ipod video. But wait now you do. What the heck is up with that

  7. ok i love technology but why would someone want to watch video on a screen that small? sure it’s portable but so are a lot of mini lap tops out there and the screens are much bigger?

    i pods are great for audio…video i’m iffy on.


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