ODL is Minty Fresh

Mint: User Agent 007

So, back on the 5th I finally got around to installing Mint. It is AWESOME! If you are unfamiliar with Mint, it is the coolest web-stats package around (I’m such a geek!). It can tell you just about everything you ever wanted to know about your site’s traffic.

I waited to install it because I could only find the time late at night. I didn’t want to start late because I figured something would go wrong and I would be up to the wee hours of the morning fixing it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It took all of five minutes to install. It was almost effortless. My hat goes off to Shaun Inman, the creator of Mint.

One rather disappointing fact that Mint has revealed, is only 14% of my visitors to date are on Macs. Given the Mac-centric nature of my site I would have expected that number to be much higher. Here are a couple of other stats of interest:

Internet Explorer – 63%
Firefox – 23%
Safari – 11%
Mozilla – <1%
Netscape – <1%
Opera – <1%
Camino – <1%

1024 × 768 – 52%
1280 × 1024 – 17%
800 × 600 – 12%
1152 × 864 – 5%
1280 × 854 – 3%
1680 × 1050 – 2%
1280 × 800 – 2%
1600 × 1200 – 2%
1440 × 900 – 2%
1280 × 960 – 1%
Many more at <1% (there are a lot of freakin resolutions these days)

9 thoughts on “ODL is Minty Fresh”

  1. I really enjoy the mac content of your site, in fact I am now the proud owner of a new mac mini complete with apple keyboard and mighty mouse. I have had it for two weeks now and I think its fantastic, much better than the pc I have to use at work. Looking forward to the apple special event tomorrow!

  2. You know I’m on a Mac, and dang a lot of (in my opinion) unintelligent (Windows) computer users visit your site.

    I’ve had mint installed since it’s release and loving it – the widget is also helpful :).

  3. It’s an awesome tool….but I’m too cheap to buy it :-P But I do love the free WordPress plug-in! How disappointing at the number of Windows users….but maybe after reading such a devoted  fan, they’ll be motivated to switch

  4. Your post motivated me to finally giving it a go and am I glad I did, I love it. Mint’s definitely the best at what it does. Thanks for giving me that bump I needed ;)

  5. hey, im probly one of the high percent of windows users that has viewed your site, I dont view it often, but I enjoy all the things you have to say about mac’s, don’t get me wrong, I love my windows PC and will probly never change to a mac, but I do admit, I wish PC’s looked as cool as mac’s – can’t get enough of that glossy white finish lol.

    anyway, keep up the good work!

  6. I have Mint installed as well. Along with the web-log provided from my web hosting, I noticed that the Mint data and my web-log didn’t really match for browser agents and platforms. I wonder why.

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