AOL is buying Weblogs Inc.


YIKES! AOL, which as far as I’m concerned is a cancer on the internet, is buying several of my favorite blogs. Well, sort of. They are buying Weblogs Inc., and many of my favorite blogs, like engadget, TUAW, and download squad, are part of Weblogs Inc. It’s odd that I haven’t see any mention of this on any of those blogs. Do you suppose they don’t know yet?

First NetNewsWire gets bought, and now Weblogs Inc. What’s next? Will Microsoft buy Apple?

In all fairness, I don’t actually know the relationship between Weblogs Inc., and the individual blogs that I like. So, I don’t really know the ramifications of such a purchase. I just hate to see AOL get anywhere near the things I like.

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3 thoughts on “AOL is buying Weblogs Inc.”

  1. Well it seems that companies are buying each other. In the 3d world, Autodesk, the makers bought Alias, the makers of Maya for a measly 182million dollars. Funny how things work out hehe

  2. change is not necessarily bad all the time. didn’t you go into walmart awhile back and bought something. =) now walmart is evil but even i have bought junk there.

    i did a report on aol for my mba. they were way late in the game thinking that phone lines would last forever. at the time of my report, membership was starting to decline. i guess they are diversifying into other areas.

    blog sites are treasure troves for corporations for the data that they can collect about population segments. they can easily run through all the blogs and see how many keywords come up for certain things and then they target the heck out of you through ads. =)

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