Our New Bed

Our New Bed

I’ve always wanted to try one of those Tempurpedic beds. They are supposed to be really good for your back. I have a bit of a back problem.

About a week ago we bought a new matress. The one we bought isn’t exactly a Tempurpedic though. It’s actually a cheap knock-off. But hey, it was about $1,300 cheaper than the real Tempurpedic. We got it for $199, at umm… Walmart… shhh, don’t tell anyone I actually went in that store (I hate Walmart).

So far it seems OK. Although I haven’t slept on a genuine Tempurpedic, I can imagine the quality difference. Ours only has 1.5 inches of memory foam, on top of 4.5 inches of regular foam. I’m fairly certain that the real one has more. But, we’ll give this a try for a little longer and see what happens.

Just for fun, I shot a little video of us unwrapping it. The matress was compressed down into a relatively tiny box, so it was weird to see it come alive. I’ve compressed the video from 15 minutes down to 36 seconds.

Watch the video – 2MB QuickTime

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  1. I created one of these a few years ago. I built it it pieces. I picked up a 6 inch queen sized medium density foam from a local foam dealer in Menlow Park, and my wife order a 4 inch viscoelastic foam over the internet(you know what that is, I’m sure) with a cover. Queen sized fitted sheets work great on it. And it sleeps great

    Sweet dreams

    My total cost 90$ + 240$= 330$ and no walmart ;-))

  2. What’s wrong with walmart? Its american captalism at its best – Screw the underdog with a smile :)
    For some reason the video did not work for me. I click on the button and all I get is a blank page. Not sure how to fix it.

  3. wow. very cool bed. i’ve wanted to change out bed ( a king size super tall mexican rustic style bed) for a lower Japanese style bed for a while. but changing beds is not cheap. perhaps walmart is the answer. i also love/hate walmart. congrats on the bed. i am curious on the quality of the mattress. keep us posted.

  4. Hey Sree – Are you able to play other QuickTime Movies? This one would require QuickTime 5 or higher. Head over to Apple and Download the latest version. That may solve the problem.

    Hey Melvin – Cool! I can’t wait to see the player. I subscribe to your RSS feed, so if you release it on your site, I’ll know it.

    In terms of the bed frame, we love it! We’ve had it for a couple of years now. We both like that low, simple look and feel. I’m starting to have second thoughts on our new matress though. The quality is starting to seem like it may not be quite good enough. Anne Marie likes it, but she’s much lighter than I am (I’m a big guy). For me, I think it’s compressing a little to much. I may need something a little thicker / firmer. Fortunately, even this cheapy walmart version has a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s weird though, you don’t return it to Walmart, you cut out a 12″ square of the matress and send that back to the manufacturer, along with some paperwork. I think they realized that no one would ever be able to get it back in the box.

    My original thought was to do what Branedy mentioned (1st comment), and build my own by combining regular foam and memory foam and wrapping them in a matress cover. I may still do that.

    I’m going to give the matress a little while longer and then decide what to do. I’ll update the site when I make a final decision.

  5. Well… I would have to say that it did NOT hold up to the hype. That being said… we DID keep it. Overall it was more comfortable than are prevous matress. I’m relatively happy with it, so it was worth keeping. But, if you really want quality, and can afford it, I would probably reccomend getting the real tempurpedic matress.

  6. My wife and I purchased a genuine Tempurpedic over 3 years ago. I must say that the cost was a lot higher than I wanted to spend, but at the end of the day, it is so worth it. No divet in the bed when we lay next to each other like we got with our old coil spring bed. We got the “classic” because thats all they had at the time, it has 8 inches of foam in it.

    If you do buy one, I have two recommendations: 1) Open the box and take the plastic off the mattress in the garage or spare room and let it sit over night; the mattress has a little bit of a chemical smell for the first day or so. 2) Make sure the mattress has time to come up to temp before you try to sleep on it.

    I had mine stored outside over night in Anchorage, AK in the winter time and tried to sleep on it shortly there after. Not a wise move. Because the bed is temp sensitive, its hard as a rock below about 60 degress.

    One last thing I’ll tell you is golo golo takes more effort because you don’t have the springs helping you with the up-stroke.

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions, email me.


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