Pibb in the House

Pibb Xtra

Today was my lucky day! I was able to get my all-time favorite soda, Mr. Pibb, known today as Pibb Xtra. I normally can’t find it in stores, it’s usually only available as a fountain drink. Once in a while I have the good fortune to see it in the store, usually as a result of a goof up. Today was that day. I found 7 cases at the Safeway on 16th st. and Bryant. I tried not to be too greedy, I only bought 5 of the cases. I left 2 so it could be someone else’s lucky day too (just not as lucky as mine).

I only usually find it as a goof because apparently, several years ago the makers of Pibb, and the makers of Dr. Pepper signed a non-compete agreement. That means both products can’t be sold in the same form, at the same store. A store could have Pibb as a fountain drink, and Dr. Pepper in cans (or the other-way round), but they couldn’t both be fountain, or cans. Since Dr. Pepper is sold almost everywhere, that means that Pibb is almost impossible to find.

If anyone knows of a good source here n the Bay Area, to get Pibb, in cans or bottles, on a regular basis, PLEASE let me know.

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