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So the iPod nano, introduced yesterday has a few new features in it’s software, like a screen-lock, stopwatch, world clocks, etc… I’m curious, is Apple going to keep these new features to themselves? Meaning, will you have to buy a new iPod nano to get them? If so, I think that is just lame. You know damn well that it would be a simple software update to give previous iPods the same features.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled some or all of the new features into some future iPod update. From Apple’s perspective there are two good reasons to hold them back.

    Firstly releasing them only in iPod Nano adds the market impact and might add some additional sales of the new pod. It might seem a little selfish and arrogant, but they are a company trying to make money.

    Secondly, if they tried to release a simultaneous update for older iPod models would require additional development and QA time. They could be constrained by development resources and now that Nano is out the engineering and QA folk are already working on getting the updater out for owners of other iPods.

  2. I hope you’re right, but I’m not too sure. Historically, they haven’t gone back and added new features to old iPods. The first couple of generations of iPods couldn’t make playlists (you could only make them in iTunes). At some point they added the “on the go” playlist capability to the iPod, but previous versions never got that upgrade.

  3. please can someone help me i am stressed with my nano!!!!
    after buying a new computer i couldnt install my ipod nano because i have lost my disc to do so. can anyone tell me where i can download the software so i can use my nano again??? i have tried the apple site but it wont work.

  4. “after buying a new computer i couldnt install my ipod nano”

    Lindsay, I don’t own a nano, so I can’t confirm this… but as far as I know there isn’t any special software to install for it. You should only need iTunes.

  5. Hi,
    I won an ipod in lucky draw. As the ipod was not having any thing to hold or hook so that i can use tag while riding bike. Therefore, after 10 days my ipod fell down on road when i was riding my bike. And for a great shock, before I could lift the ipod, one fully loaded bus rammed the ipod.
    For my great surprise, I found that the Screen was broken into pieces but the ipod was able to play music. After some time that stopped playing and till now its still in same condition.
    I would like to praise Apple for making such a device which was really able to play even after one fully loaded bus had crossed over that.

    Tarunesh Kumar

  6. Help! I moved and lost my iPod Nano Installer CD. I was told to go to Apple and just download, but all I can find are the updaters. I got the Nano the first day it came out if that means anything. Where can I download a copy of the CD?

  7. help!
    i have an ipod nano.. and i never got a CD to help me i already have itunes loaded on my computer how do i get songs onto my ipod without using a cd?
    – my computer says the usb cord is not found

  8. i need an installer for my apple ipod nano becoz it needs to be reformatted. can i have a free download of the installer? tnx.

  9. i just bought a new ipod nano. i’m running windows 2000 pro. i couldn’t download itunes 7 without 1st downloading service pack 4 for windows 2000. i did that and itunes 7 then downloaded. then an itunes installer window poppoed up telling me that itunes cant install itunes 7 because i have to have windows xp or windows vista. WTF!!!! has anyone had this problem? this can’t be that difficult!! thanks

  10. Jeff, Unfortunately I think you’re a little screwed. The system requirements for iTunes 7 are listed as Win XP (SP2) or Vista only. I don’t think you’ll be able to install it under Win 2000. I would call Apple or visit the Apple forums. Good luck!

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