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I came across this story over at Productdose.com (a great site), and it was so funny I had to repost it here. I actually went and bought the “Alien Jesus” action figure, so they are still available, at least as of the time of this writing.

In an effort to substantiate Tom Cruise’s claims to both Scientology and Christianity, the Church of Scientology has issued a limited edition Alien Jesus action figure, available from Archee McPhee. The manufacturer claims that the figure is the result of a factory malfunction, but we’re not fooled. Alien Jesus (AKA ‘Production Error Jesus’) features translucent green hands and searing red eyes, alongside the messiah’s traditional sandals and flowing locks.”

[ Republished from productdose.com ]

Update: The intention of the story above was simply to introduce a goofed action figure in a humorous way, and was not meant to be a commentary on Scientology. However… at least one odl reader felt some of the links originally contained in the quoted story were unfairly biased against Scientology, something he personally believes in. So, in an attempt to remain non-partisan on this issue, I encourage you to do your own research and decide the merits of Scientology for yourself. Please don’t blame Alien Jesus for this controversy. He was just an innocent pawn.
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