My Mighty Mouse Review

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Tonight we swung by our local Apple Store to check out the new Mighty Mouse in person (I didn’t see the Apple Squatter). I couldn’t actually buy one of course, because they sold out the day they were introduced. They don’t know when they’ll have more. I’m not actually sure I was going to buy one. I prefer a wireless mouse. The last thing I need in my life is another cord.

Anyway, I really just wanted to try it out. Luckily, they did have three floor models to play with.

Unfortunately, I would have to say I was a little disappointed. The scroll-ball seemed a little flimsy to me. It’s meant to be a third button, so it depresses. I think it depresses a little too easily. I found myself clicking, when I only wanted to scroll. The ball is also a little too small, at least for my big hands.

I wasn’t to happy with the right “button” either. The mouse uses embedded sensors, instead of true buttons. I normally rest my fingers on the buttons, and press down when I need to click. You can’t do that with this mouse. If your index finger is resting on the left side of the mouse, the right-click doesn’t register when you push down. You have to lift your ‘left’ finger off the mouse to release the sensor before you can right-click. I found this to be a bit distracting.

If the Mighty Mouse had been everything I hoped, I probably would have bought one (if I could). But, since it fell just a little short of my expectations, I think I’ll wait for the wireless version.

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  1. i think i’ll stick to apple’s one click button. i’m like you, not really intersted in a mouse or anything with cords, looking to to all wireless if possible. coming from yours truly…a powerbook user.

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