Apple Multi-Button Mouse !!!!!!!

Apple Mighty Mouse

Holy freakin hell! They did it! They finally did it! I have been waiting for this for over a decade.

Today Apple introduced the Mighty Mouse, A fully programmable four-button mouse with scroll wheel (actually it’s a ball). I could hardly contain my excitement this morning.

Both of the top buttons are concealed under a “smooth top shell” giving it the look and feel of a traditional Apple mouse. Apple’s answer to a scroll-wheel, was to make it a ball. The ball allows the user to scroll in any direction, even diagonally. Lastly are the side buttons, they’re pre-configured to call Exposé, but are fully user programmable (for Tiger users).

The new Mighty Mouse sells for $49, and is available today from the online, and retail Apple Stores.

Of course, the part of me that always wants more, more, more says… Hey, where’s the wireless version? I’m predicting it will go like this… Apple will sell this version for 1-3 months. Then, they’ll lower the price to $29, and introduce a Bluetooth version for $59. Sound about right?

UPDATE (8.3.05): AppleInsider has posted a very detailed review of the Mighty Mouse. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Apple Multi-Button Mouse !!!!!!!”

  1. Just ordered a new 12″ PB for my Dad today. Was stuck on deciding between this new ‘mighty’ mouse or the bluetooth one. The deciding factor was the cord length. According to the Apple guy I spoke with, from what they have heard, the cord is still around the same length as previous Apple mice. Anyone who has a 12″ PB knows all the ports are on the left, and that length of cord hardly leaves you any room to play with.

    BTW: How do I get a picture/avatar to appear when I post?

  2. Hey Ron, It’s easy. Just go to and upload an 80×80 pixel image. Sign up using the same email address that you like to use for posting comments on blogs. Any Gravatar enabled site (like this one) will use your image. There is a slight lag between the time you sign up, and the time it starts showing up on blogs, but it is retroactive. Once enabled, your previous posts will also have the new Gravatar. You can also change your gravatar at any time, and it will automatically be updated on all the posts you’ve commented on. Oh, and by the way, it’s free.

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