CherryOS: an Apple by any other name isn’t as legal

Cherry OS: Mac Emulator

CherryOS: an Apple by any other name isn’t as legal:
“This week saw the redux release of CherryOS, a Mac OSX emulator for PCs. Having been plagued with problems the first time around (when its creator, Arben Kryeziu, faced accusations of blatantly ripping off code from PearPC, another OS X emulator), it’s looking like second time isn’t a charm. A licensing issue with Mac OS X may come to haunt the G4 emulator, as the Software Licensing Agreement states that Apple software must be run on an ‘Apple-labelled computer.’ While the questionable similarities to PearPC yet remain, we think folks ought to be able to come up with some clever ways around this licensing issue. After all, how hard is it to get one’s hands on one of those nice Apple logo stickers that ship with many Apple products?”

[ Via Engadget ]

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