Updated eMacs, iMacs, and Tiger expected in April

Updated eMacs, iMacs expected in April:
“Apple plans to introduce updated iMac G5 and eMac systems alongside the release of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger next month, according to a report published by Think Secret.

In addition to its report on iMacs and eMacs, the online publication also published a report claiming that Apple will officially roll-out Mac OS X Tiger in a matter of weeks.

“The iMac G5, code-named Q45 C/D, is expected to receive a speed bump to 2GHz,” the report claims. “An 8x DVD±RW SuperDrive can also be expected on the Better and Best models.” This report is inline with previous mumblings pertaining to a 2GHz iMac G5.

In the same report, ThinkSecret also lends credence to rumors that Apple has held an eMac update in limbo, and is now ready to send it to manufacturing.

“The biggest news with the eMac may simply be that the model’s existence,” wrote Senior Editor Ryan Katz. “The updated eMac, code named Q87J, will feature a faster processor — likely 1.33GHz and possibly 1.5GHz at the high-end — and possibly a faster video card to take advantage of Tiger’s new Core Image technology, sources said.”

The report did not mention whether the updated eMac would sport a G4 or G5 processor, but all bets are on the former.

Meanwhile, ThinkSecret cited well-placed sources in saying Apple will officially announce Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger’s release at an event in early April and will begin shipping the operating system within two or three weeks afterwards.

“The event, sources say, is currently scheduled for Friday, April 1 and will be delivered via satellite to numerous locations around the world.”

Tiger, the report claims, should be available in retail stores by April 15.”

[ Via AppleInsider ]

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