Abandoned Apple Store

Abandoned Apple Store

Abandoned Apple Store:
“Reader Mark M. found an abandoned Apple store in Kuwait and took several pictures of the peeling paint and dusty enterior.

The store — frozen in the late 1990s — is largely intact. Think Different posters still adorn the windows, and software boxes sit on the shelves.

Mark writes:
‘I used to pass by this store back when I was still in highschool. I used to admire the macs they had on display and always beg my parents to buy me one.. which they never did.

Surprisingly the store hasn’t changed much.

It was freaky checking out the place from the outside. It’s as if the shop was stuck in its own time-zone. The shop seems to have been closed ages ago. A thick layer of dust sits on top of everything. What struck me the most though were the Think Different banners. They’re gorgeous and seeing them in the store window gathering dust and being unappreciated pissed me off.

I tried looking for the shop number so I could call maybe the main office and ask if I could have the banners but I couldn’t find anything, only a note saying that i should go to the 1st floor of the building for the Apple workshop. The main building door was locked though and the whole place seemed abandoned. Its as if they building was going to get demolished soon.. like the other old building in the area. It would be a real shame if they threw these banners away…

I really want these banners!’

[ Via Cult of Mac ]

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  1. i say you should just find a way in yourself if you want those banners!(i would!) there might even be some old macs!(leme know if u find a mac powerbook 140 adapter!)

  2. as if u didnt just break in! lookin at those pictures theres some stuff that was worth looting!


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