adds Mac mini

Apple Mac mini adds Mac mini:
“Is the iPod having a ‘halo effect’ on Mac sales? The proof on that may still be out, but Apple’s retail channel efforts with the iPod certainly may be helping its new Mac mini get some additional exposure, if is any indication. The online presence for the popular retail department store chain is now listing Apple’s 1.2GHz, 40GB and 1.42GHz, 80GB models for US$499 and $599 respectively, the same price that consumers can expect to pay at Apple Stores and through other Apple resellers.”

[ Via MacCentral ]

Update: I came across this on MacMinute…
“MacMinute reader Gordon Hawley says: Regarding the story about selling the Mac mini–this is great news because there are always coupons for this site. For example, I looked on and found two 10% off coupons. Trying both of them resulted in the one (TDWELCME2224) working. I saved $50 off the price of the $499 model. I didn’t order yet, because they aren’t shipping until March according to the site, but nice to know you can lower the already low price even more.

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