Very Cool homemade iPod mini ad

Geroge Masters' Cool iPod mini ad

I came across this awesome iPod mini ad made by freelance motion graphics designer Geroge Masters. He doesn’t work for Apple (not yet anyway), he just made it for fun. Great job George!

Click the image above to view the movie. (10.3MB QuickTime)

From wired news:
“George Masters’ 60-second animated advertisement features flying iPods, pulsing hearts and swirling ’70s psychedelia. It received moderate traffic until it was picked up by several blogs last week. In a matter of days, the homemade ad has been watched more than 38,000 times, and is making the rounds on blogs and e-mail.” Read more from wired news…

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  1. Hi there.. I found your blog by chance, and took the liberty to add a link on my blog about the cool iPod mini ad. I did credit your site for it.. Do you mind? I’ll take it down if you do. :)

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