I came across a site called It’s kind of cool, it has hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of people from all over the country holding home-made signs apologizing to the world for reelecting George Bush. It’s kind of slow to load, so be patient.

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    We, wanderers of the world outside the US, have been touched by the initiative of, and the huge amount of photos they received. The initiators of this website would like to show to the American people that they appreciated that message.

    So, wanderers of the world, unite! Get your pencil, grab a piece of paper and write what you think. All it takes is a simple digital camera and this website to express yourself.

    a very, very short history:

    [11.11.04] birth of concept at 11:00
    [11.11.04] website launched at 16:00
    [12.11.04] more than 3000 visitors during the first day
    [12.11.04] uploaded apologies from throughout the world
    [12.11.04] overjoyed by this site
    [14.11.04] stats hit 1.000.000 hits
    [15.11.04] webserver having a hard time; site migrated
    [16.11.04] article in national newspaper Volkskrant
    [17.11.04] appearance on national tv’s Vara Laat

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