Panic retires Audion

Audion Retires

Much to my dismay, I received an email today from Panic. They have retired Audion, the first great mp3 player for the mac. Panic has posted a legnthly story of Audion, for those of you who are interested.

From Panic…

“Dear Audion Owner,

Remember Audion? One of the first, and certainly the most stylish, Macintosh MP3 player/encoders, Audion was released in 1999 and really helped Panic become the little Macintosh company it is today. At some point you bought a copy of Audion, to which we’re quite thankful.

Lately, though, you may have noticed that there haven’t much activity with Audion. To be honest, there’s been activity, but it’s been going on behind-the-scenes — and a great deal of that has been decision-making.

The result? We’ve made the decision to “retire” Audion after nearly 5 years of wonderful service.

The good news:
As part of the retirement, Audion will remain available for download, and we’re even making it totally free of charge for all users around the globe!

The not-so-good news:
Audion will no longer be actively developed, and support will be minimal, although we’ll work hard to support paid users such as yourself.

First, understand that this is the first time we’ve taken an application out of active development, and we’re certainly nervous about it — but we’re trying our best to handle it in the best way we can, and we want to make sure everyone stays as happy as possible…”

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